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We offer a variety of web based products and services, as well as design and advertising services. We give you all the tools you need to establish and market your online presence.

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Website & Web Application Design & Development

At Brilliant Web Presence, we design and develop differently from the rest. We use a demo first approach. Meaning you will get to see a demonstration of your website before its completed. That way you can understand and appreciate what your spending your hard earned money on.

Content & Creativity

B.W.P is all about thinking outside the box. Its in our name! Brilliant! We’re all about generating creative, never thought of ideas for our clients. We want our client’s content to communicate its message, while looking like a work of art at the same time.

Graphic & Advertising Design

Let’s say you have a dynamic and responsive website, with great marketing and S.E.O. You may ask what’s next? Why am i not generating as many leads? Well, if your company logo isn’t a work of art, then you won’t catch any eyes. Your Logo , Business Cards, Flyers and any other marketing tools need to look flawless. This is how you grab attention. Making a good first impression with a beautiful logo or business card will take your advertising game to a whole new level.

Web & Cyber Security

After we build your new website or work on your existing one. There is still one more very important step. That is the security of your website! At B.W.P we make sure your website is up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity protocols and certificates. Allowing you to rest easy, knowing that your website will be safe from cyber attacks.

All Our Services

Our Services

Website & Web Application Design & Development

At Brilliant Web Presence We make your website, just the way you want it. We design and develop, your site from scratch using a CMS tool so that you can easily manage it once it has been made. We also use any existing web apps, or make one for your business so that we can setup and integrate the services you need to manage directly from your PC or mobile device. We also tailor your website to your specific business needs. Meaning if your goal is to generate more clients and market your services we got you covered, or maybe if your goal is to make your day to day work processes faster we can do that as well by setting up automated software for your site. All in all, we’ve got you covered.

Web Based Databases. CRM, CMS, LMS, & POS Software Systems.

We create web based CRM(Customer Relationship Management), CMS(Content Management), LMS(Learning Management), and POS(Point of Sale) Software Systems. For you to easily organize and structure your business. These systems are web based, meaning they are accessible anywhere and anytime as long as you can access the internet. We also provide the software installation for these systems if you need to use them with the devices at your office, restaurant, or establishment.

Graphic & Advertising Design / Printing

At B.W.P we’re not just awesome developers, we’re also amazing artists! We also create designs for your brand / business! Our graphic designers and marketing experts, first identify and learn the target audience and areas of your business. They then make beautiful tailored designs and advertisements, that grab the attention of any potential or existing clients you may have. From Logos, and Business Cards, to Flyers, Brochures, and even gigantic Signs, We do it all! Additionally, we offer printing services for most of our designs through one of our partners!

Digital Marketing, Social Media Creation / Integration, & Technical Content Writing

At B.W.P we create a digital marketing strategy to make sure business grows as fast as possible. From digital marketing tools like e-flyers, to email marketing and lead generation we’ve got you covered. We also create / integrate your social media presence, so that you can easily manage it and access it from your website, or your social media account. Aside from the digital aspect of things, we offer technical content writing services. Our technical writers work the marketing team to write out the content of your website, advertisement, or social media post in order to generate your business more leads, inform your clients about upcoming events, and explain your services in a clear and concise manner.


Did we build your website? Do you have an existing website? Don’t worry we will make sure your site is as optimized as possible so that potential customers can find you anywhere! SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Is all about making you found on google. When people search for services on google they don’t usually type a business name, they rather say the name of the service at a certain location. So, in order for a client to find you, your site needs to be properly optimized so that search engines like Google and Bing can show you at the top of these search results instead of the bottom. We don’t only create your site, preform your S.E.O but we also do your google business optimization and setup as well.

Website Management & Hosting

Do you already have an existing website? Or did we build one for you? Regardless of the outcome above you need to have that website hosted and running; as well as managed and maintained in order to continuously add content and keep it engaging. No need to worry at B.W.P we not only build websites but we can also manage and host them! If you get a website from us, you can opt into to our hosting service at fair price compared to other hosting competitors, our server is ultra fast, and secure, ensuring that your website will have minimal to no downtime! We can also manage your site, with a monthly marketing arrangement to keep on adding any content you need to it in a timely and professional manner! We will also ensure and preform our bi yearly audits, to make sure your site has no issues whatsoever.

Web / Cyber-Security & I.T Auditing

After we build your new website or work on your existing one. There is still one more very important step. That is the security of your website! At B.W.P we make sure your website is up-to-date with the latest security protocols and certificates. That way you don’t have to worry about any viruses or threats attack your site! We also implement cybersecurity protocols by using various methods and tools such as: Penetration Testing, Port Scanning, DNS Lookups, and threat detection/elimination, to make sure your website’s integrity and sensitive data is protected from all types of cyber attacks that happen in this day and age. We also preform bi-yearly web audits to make sure your site is up to date with latest security protocols and development & design standards.

Software / PC Cleanup & Maintenance

All the software and devices you own need to be cleaned up and maintained to run efficiently and up to date with the latest security standards right? That is why we also provide PC and Software cleanup / maintenance service. We ensuring that your device is running to best of its ability, making sure that there are no viruses, bloatware or anything you don’t need on them. We work closely, with you on understanding what issues you are facing with your software or device. Whether your using your Home PC and its running slow, or if maybe your website isn’t preforming as intended and you believe there is some type of security issue with it, we run our malware tests and use our software cleaning tools to remove the issue and get it back to tip top shape.

Cloud Computing, Virtual Machine & Web Based Cloud Services

In this day and age, everything is on the cloud. From just simple files being held on cloud based storage, to complete servers through cloud computing, everything is now in the virtual universe. At Brilliant Web Presence we can setup any type of web based cloud services you need for your company. From creating a simple storage drive through many of the popular cloud companies like Google, Amazon, and Mega, to setting up a cloud based server we can do it. We can also, setup a virtual machine to access that cloud based server if need be, allowing you to have remote access at any location.


Frequently Ask Questions

As stated above, we offer web design, and development of websites as well as other web based applications, and Search Engine Optimization.

We offer, many design and advertising services including:

  • Graphic Design
    • Logos & Decals
  • Advertising Design
    • Business Cards, Flyers, Pamphlets, Etc.
  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand Design
  • Custom Made Digital Designs
  • Social Media

Yes, we have a team of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals, that are divided into the types of services. We also have individuals that work in sales and consulting / marketing that will be informing you and guiding you along the way. For instance, if you want a website you will initially deal with one of our sales members, then progress to giving your content and details to the consulting/marketing expert that will pass it on to design and development team. You will be informed about every phase of your project by a revisions-based system, that works through in person or virtual meetings.

Project Completion is based on a couple of key factors:

  • Project Type
  • Project Size
  • Content you provide

Based off these factors, we can have two examples. Let’s say you already have most of the content for your website, and you only want a website well the turn around can be fairly quick. However, if you want a website, a CRM, and a Logo, and you have no content then the project will take some time. If you want your project to be expedited you will have additional charges.

We understand your an entrepreneur and you must have a busy and complicated schedule. You can reschedule a revision at any time. The first time it is free, afterwards, there is a small fee for consecutive revision cancellations. Our team has to stop their work, to give you their full attention, because we care about you.

This depends on what type of project you want. if you need a logo, we need your main vision or ideas, so that we can create a design based on what you want. If you need a website we need any content you have, this includes images, company information, biographies, etc. We also need to be able to keep in contact with you during the duration of the project.

Our final products have pleased many of our customers. Your business growth and how much you like your product is how you will determine our project success. We also don’t abandon our clients, even after your project with us we strive for establishing a great business relationship with you, we want to help you as much as we can.

Feel free to contact us through our various forms of social media, our company email, contact  page, or navigate to the Ready to Grow Your Business section on the bottom of every page. Alternatively you can click on this link . If you want to talk, you can give us a call or leave us a message at anytime, and we’ll reach out to you as soon as we can.

Cost Depends directly on all the characteristics of your project. For example a simple branding website will cost less than an e-Commerce website, with social media integration. We offer bundles as well as standalone services, to best fit your budget.

Your website at the bare minimum should be updated every 3 months, this is to ensure that your content and your website design is updated and aesthetically pleasing. However for best S.E.O results its best to have bi-weekly to monthly updates.

A blog is a great marketing tool, depending on the type of business your running. While it can apply to almost any business certain businesses benefit more from one than others. For example, a restaurant may have a blog but there likely aren't many reasons to keep updated, while a landscaping services business definitely could have more use of a blog.

As of the moment we do not have set and stone payment plans. However, we can set one upon individual request, and the type and size of your project.

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