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our approach

We know that our clients and their customers are at the center of every project we do. ​

That is why we use a different approach from our competition. We are based off a demonstration and revision system. First we have an initial meeting with you to get the required details about what service you would like and the information we need from you to create your website, web app or logo or any other content you desire. We then provide you with a free demo, so you can see what you are getting before you go ahead an sign a contract with us.

After you sign with us we start making more edits based off your information and input to your web service, we then have a couple more revisions before the final revision in which we make any last minute changes before product or service delivery.

Our History

We help brands and companies stand out in the digital age

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Our Team

Meet Our Team

At Brilliant Web Presence, we are a team of kind, knowledgeable, and creative individuals. Our goal to provide you with the best technological tools to help your business flurish

Ehmad Abbasi

CEO / CRO | Head of Business Development & Management Information Systems

Feisal Abbasi

CEO / CWO | Head of UI / UX Development & Design | Web & Cyber Security

Juan Sebastian Levy

CMO | Head of Marketing & e-Commerce

Abdul Syed

CBO / CFO | Business Development & Relations Manager

Campbell Williams

CDO | Head of Graphic / UI & UX Design | Web & Cybersecurity Analyst

Tyler Lucio

Social Media Manager | Content Specialist & Designer

Edgar Magallon

Web / Database Developer

Fernando Soto

Printing / Techincal Services Specialist

Joshua Loera

Business Development & Human Resources Intern
Why Us?

We Are Certified Partners with the Top Web Design Engines

At Brilliant we work with many web design engines, to make sure your website has the most updated look and feel. Once setup these engines become easy to use for our clients after software training, so that you can make small changes like change image or add a title.

Abilities and Skills

Technical Skills

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